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Our Overall Rating: 4/10
Quality of Profiles: 5/10
Large Selection: 6/10
Anti-Spam/Privacy Factor: 4/10
Support: 3/10

MPwH is a free site, however the functionality of the site leaves a bit to be desired and there seem to be a few too many spam profiles.

MPwH (aka Antopia) is one of the largest STD Dating sites… However, overall quality seems lower and certainly not as good as Positive Singles or STD Friends as there is not much of a filtering or review process.

Even though MPwH has some huge membership numbers you have to remember numbers on a free site will always be higher than on a paid site. But how many are genuine with a real interest in seeking a relationship?

Beware also that there have been a number of complaints online about the draconian rules operated by the forum administrators on what can and cannot be discussed. This can be very welcome in some instances, but some people seem to feel they can be a bit over the top on certain issues.

Even though the site may not be a favorite, it’s generally good to cast a pretty wide net when dating online, so you might want to give it a try in addition to others.

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